From Whence Cometh (Channelled Manifestations)

by yugenro



In the spring and summer of 2012, I began waking up in the morning with music in my head. And because I had recently acquired a Korg SR-1 Sound-on-Sound Infinite Track Recorder, I started leaving it in my bed so that I could record these ditties. I'd start by singing the main melody, then recreate the sounds in my head one part/layer/track/harmony at a time.

Then in October of 2012, my artist friend Libba Davis asked me if would be interested in helping her. Libba is a spiritualist and painter, and she told me that she had just completed painting a series of eleven spiritual beings who had made themselves known to her. She said that they were coming to help humanity at this time of profound change, and she asked if I would be willing to meditate upon her paintings and open myself to, and record, each of their sounds.

I was so excited! I have always been open to new musical challenges, to new ways of approaching, creating and making music, and Libba has been a spiritual mentor to me for as long as I have known her, so I jumped at the opportunity.

The results of that project are contained in my EP/set "The 11," and I highly recommend you check it out. There are some profoundly beautiful and powerful sounds there. But this set, "From Whence Cometh (Channeled Manifestations)," is the result of what I learned during the process of creating "The 11." That is, I learned that I have been channeling music for many years, if not my entire life. See, I have always loved music, from singing with my family as a child to singing in choirs as a young adult, to creating my own music both with various other musicians as well as on my own. But my music creation goes through phases-- that is, I will compose heavily for a few weeks/months at a time, then go "dry" for many months, and even years sometimes. And in the midst of such dry spells, I often wonder if that's it-- if my music-creating days are over, if I'm just not a composer any more, if I should just forget about making music altogether and finally "grow up," settle down, get a real job, a family, etc., etc.

And then, one day, out of nowhere, the inspiration will just strike again, and I will do nothing else until I have been able to lay down a complete track. And I will be profoundly happy, and relieved, and I will listen to that creation over and over and over again, until I have saturated myself in its beauty, its magic, its emotion and texture and melody and harmony and groove and as many meanings as I can discover through repeated allowings...

And so, I am beginning to realize that my music creations will never "dry up," because *I am not their source!* That is, when I allow myself-- when I am quiet enough, when my mind is clear, and my heart is open-- there is music. It is inherent in the underlying structure of the universe-- the music of the spheres, the vibrations of modern-day super-string theory, the whispers of the wind in the trees, the elusive memories of the soundtrack of last night's dream... It's all there, if and when I choose to attune my own heartstrings...

This is a collection of music that has come to me, in those times of magnanimous, divine harmony. I feel so blessed to have been able to receive these vibrations, and to have the tools (a handheld, infinite-track recorder, a MacBook Pro with Melodyne and Logic Pro 9 software) to make these attunements manifest as structured vibrations of air that can be shared with others. I hope these vibrations bless your heart.


released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


yugenro Bellevue, Washington

I teach people how to use computers and software. I listen to a LOT of music. I explore consciousness and my pallette. I observe, organize, and categorize. I take a LOT of photographs.

I dream of doing nothing other than making music and travelling. :-)
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Track Name: Happy-Feelin' LoveDream
I'm not alone and I feel so happy
I'm with you babe and I feel so sappy yeah
I need to know is this really how it feels?

If this the way it's gonna feel then
maybe i should just join the children, yeah.
if this the way it's gonna feel then, yeah.

If this the way it's gonna be then i should,
should never miss anything important, yeah,
and yes it's feelin' like it's gonna get much better.

your loving vision bubbles deep within your heart
and rises up for everyone to play their part,
your always striving to bring us together.

'cause i know i'm in love,
yeah i know i dream,
and i feel so good
and life's the way I'm feelin'.

you say the word and it becomes real,
the love you speak is the way i feel, yeah,
so don't be stopping your poetry gets better.

you pick a world and i fall into it,
it's just the best place I could ever imagine yeah,
its never one thing its always a million, yeah.

'cause i know I'm in love
yeah i know i dream
and i feel so good
and life's the way i'm feelin'.

'cause i'm feelin' like it,
yeah i'm feelin' like it,
'cause I'm feelin' like its the way it shd be, yeah.

I'm alive,
and i dream,
and i feel so good, life's the way I'm feelin'.

yeah i know,
yeah i dream,
i feel so good and life's only getting better.
Track Name: Little 1

I wonder sometimes about how we're born,
how we're conceived, how consciousness arises from nothing...
Or, is it from nothing, or
are we simply transubstantiated from our previous
spiritual state into a new little embryo?
Or, when does our spirit enter our bodies?
When does our physicality become -- spiritual?
When does our soul enliven, animate our body?
Does it happen at conception?
The moment of sperm fertilizing the egg?
Does it happen at the moment of our parents' orgasm?
Does it happen at the point of birth?
Or is it a gradual thing?
I tend to think that it's a process.
I tend to think that our spirits, our "Oversouls," if you will,
make this agreement
while we're out in the spirit world, in the "Well of Souls,"
we make this agreement with
all the other souls there.
We say, "I'm going to inhabit THAT persona this lifetime. I'm going to choose to be 'Keith' this lifetime."
So, then we undergo this process, this transubstantiation of the spirit, of that Oversoul,
some part of that Oversoul separating, transubstantiating into physical form,
and that it takes 9 months.
Maybe that process is what guides the development of the embryo,
and, it just takes 9 months,
and by the time we're born, we are fully inhabited
by our soul.
And we forget that transubstantiation
is the process of the Oversoul forgetting
and letting go of that "Oversoulness,"
and becoming just a part, a little part, a little baby.
And then it takes the rest of our lives, after being born,
to remember;
to remember that we are divine, and we are part-- we ARE
part of the Oversoul, we ARE OF the Universal Divinity.
We ARE part of the Universal Divinity.
We are Children of God.
What a dreamy time that is to be in,
what a perfect place to transubstantiate,
in the womb of our mothers...
And I always think of the fact that seawater and amniotic fluid--
the fluid that we are surrounded with and that we grow in, and that we develop in in our mother's belly,
is the same chemical composition as sea water.
And so, what a dreamy, beautiful, peaceful time that is.
To awaken, gradually,
over the course of 9 months, to this life,
and to forget the spirit world,
from whence we came.
What a dreamy time, floating in our perfect little world,
gradually awakening to the sounds that are happening outside our mother's womb.
And familiar with her voice,
the way she moves, gravity,
all these feelings of what Earth is, what physicality is, what it means to be a human, on Earth;
our father's voice, the voices of our mother's friends and loved ones,
the sounds of her world, becoming
where, gradually, through all this, this new world.
What a perfect introduction
into this physicality, into this--