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Oashaa is a very "feeling" (as opposed to "intellectual") album. Except for "Motherland" and "Stars+Monks" (which were actually composed during a furiously creative couple of months in the summer of 2007, fueled by working with the creative madman Jon Anderson, lead singer of Yes), these tracks were composed during a relatively sparsely musical time in my life. After the creative fire of summer 2007, my life settled into the gentle, temperate lifestyle of Seattle, my new position teaching at community college, and contemplation, meditation, and self-reflection.

During this time, I was not interested in thinking about my music... rather, I wanted it to be easy, spontaneous, and a mirror of my emotional environment. The software tools I used for these tracks-- MetaSynth, Tracktion, Ableton Live, GarageBand-- were meant for quick sketches and live performance.

The one exception might be the Renjeaux remix of "Earth My Body." For this track, I had asked my longtime bandmate Dell Little to help me realize the full potential of one of my favorite Rainbow Tribe Earth chants, and Dell pulled through mightily. I've included it in this collection because it *feels* right-- *I* personally did not work this arrangement-- Dell did; and it just feels like a spontaneous, pure moment of inspired performance.

The title (pronounced "wah-SHAH"), is a made-up word that sounds the way the album feels for me: easy, airy, shimmery. I hope you enjoy it.


released May 1, 2010



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yugenro Bellevue, Washington

I teach people how to use computers and software. I listen to a LOT of music. I explore consciousness and my pallette. I observe, organize, and categorize. I take a LOT of photographs.

I dream of doing nothing other than making music and travelling. :-)
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