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This is the first official yugenro release. It was created almost immediately after I had purchased a Yamaha SY-85 workstation synth with gift money from my first college degree. I was so excited to have my first real synth, and so inspired by its incredible sounds and its compositional power, that I immediately started creating beautiful music with it.


released May 1, 1994



all rights reserved


yugenro Bellevue, Washington

I teach people how to use computers and software. I listen to a LOT of music. I explore consciousness and my pallette. I observe, organize, and categorize. I take a LOT of photographs.

I dream of doing nothing other than making music and travelling. :-)
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Track Name: allOne
Now, what these nice people don't realize is that they need the nasty people. Think of all the conversation at dinner table that you would miss if you didn't have the nasty people to talk about. How would you know who you were unless you could compare yourself to those who are on the outs? How do those in the church who are saved know who they are unless they have the damned? Why, St. Thomas Aquinas let it out of the bag and said that in Heaven, the saints will look over the battlements of Heaven and enjoy the just suffering of those in Hell. Jolly won't it be to watch your sisters squirming down there while you're in bliss... But that was letting the cat out of the bag, because the "in" group can't exist without the "out" group.

And the spiritual world isn't something gaseous, abstract, formless. The formless world is the wiggly world. You see, when we say something is shapeless, like a cloud, "What shape has this cloud?" You say, "well, it's so vague, it's shapeless..."

How would you know what you meant by "yourself," unless you knew what you meant by "other?"
How would the sun be light, if you didn't have eyes?
How would vibrations in the air be noisy, if you didn't have ears?
How would rocks be hard, if you didn't have soft skin?
So that the way you are constituted calls into being the phenomena of light and sound and weight.
Track Name: lineaments & seed
Material... material... material... material...

Nobody has ever been able to put their finger on anything material.

If we do not understand our own brains, that simply shows that our brains are a great deal more intelligent than we are.